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FNS Turns Four!

On September 14th of 2019, FnS finally turned four! It’s been a wonderful journey and one that wouldn’t have been possible without our patrons and partners. We are truly grateful to all of our wonderful customers and partners for your unwavering support and we thank you all for giving us the opportunity to serve you. The privilege is all ours. Follow us on social media and join us for the celebrations.


FNS Launched In Kenya

Dining and hospitality in Kenya is about to get a revamp. Starting with best selling designs including Jessica, Madrid, Windsor and Imperio, FNS is proud to introduce its renown range of world-class cutlery and will soon be rolling out a host of other products and categories that have been much loved in other parts of the world as well. The signature hallmarks of FNS products including FDA standard stainless steel, 24k real gold plating, rust-proof and lifetime guarantees, and matching servings, is intended to inspire new benchmarks in fine dining in households and businesses across Kenya. Buzzworthy social media campaigns revealed the launch of the brand to scores of raving consumers, with a host of exciting prizes for lucky contest winners.

To know more and for quick updates on our latest promotions and initiatives in Kenya, follow our social media handle @fnseastafrica on Facebook and Instagram.